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Our V-Hooks are made to match the screen used hero parts as closely as possible, all the way down to the accurate flat head mounting screws.

The male half of the V-Hook is CNC machined from aluminum, and the female half is CNC laser cut from stainless steel, and folded using precision forming dies and a 20 ton hydraulic press.

What's included?
-Male V-Hook
-Female V-Hook
-Mounting Plate
-Mounting Hardware

The screws included for attaching the female V-Hook are size 5-40, which matches the size of screws used on the original hero packs. The Gun Tracks we sell are pre-tapped for that size, and this V-Hook attaches quickly and securely, but if your V-Hook is tapped for a larger size bolt, or isn't tapped at all, we include a set of nuts to hold the V-Hook in place securely that way.

Hero V-Hook

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