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Building a semi-hero pack? These are the parts you need.

Once painted, these parts are nearly indistinguishable from real metal parts. The weld lines on our master parts look real because they ARE real, and not a piece of PVC pipe with wood putty or hot glue. These are the most accurately sized parts available as well, using measurements from the real proton packs in Sony's lobby.

What do you get in this set?
-Ion Arm
-Injector Tubes
-Beam Line
-Filler Tube
-Booster Tube
-Booster Plug
-Vacuum Line
-Crank Knob

-Clippard R331
-Resistors for Ion Arm
-Booster Frame
-Gen 1 Legris Straight fittings (cast with brass powder in the mold, gently polish them with ultra fine grit steel wool, and it'll bring out a real metallic shine.)

The Booster Tube is cut from high quality ABS plastic, and will be cut to the correct angle to match the GBFans Proton Pack shell. While compatible with most other shells available, I can't guarantee a perfect fit on the angle with any other shells currently available. If you use another shell, you may just need to take some sand paper to adjust the angle by a degree or two to get the tight fit you want.

All other parts are cast in high quality resin, which is super strong and is suitable for drilling and tapping directly, instead of needing to purchase and install threaded inserts, like many types of resin require. We have cast in dimples to aid in drilling holes for the bolts and fittings where appropriate.

You will also need to drill mounting holes and tap them for mounting screws. It provides a much sturdier method of mounting than just glue, and is definitely the best way to go.

After that, a quick wash with soapy warm water, let them dry, and paint!

Proton Pack Full Resin Set

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