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These are the boxes that mount on the slime blower gun, cast in resin and made to match the dimensions of the screen used props as closely as possible. The curved base was made to match the 4.5" OD tube that is used for the main body of the blower. I've tested with both aluminum and PVC 4" ID Schedule 40 pipe and the fit is perfect, so if you're looking for the right tube, that's the one to find.

Dimples for all of the holes are cast into the part to make drilling easy. The parts in the pictures are straight out of the mold and have had zero cleanup to give an idea of the quality of the castings. The wall thickness of each box is 1/4" to provide high strength while still making installing switches and indicator light covers easy.

Hole size drilling guide:

     Mounting Holes:
     Indicator Light Holes: (loose 'accurate' fit)

     Indicator Light Holes: (tight 'clean' fit)

     Switch Hole:

     Hose Fitting Hole:

(updates coming soon)

As with all resin parts, please wash with warm soapy water before painting for best results. When drilling resin please be sure to have a firm grip on the part when the drill bit breaks through the bottom, the bit can 'grab' and screw itself into the part, potentially hurting you and damaging the part. If you've got a spare set of old drill bits that you don't mind modifying, consider 'brassing off' a few drill bits for best results:

Slime Blower Gun Boxes

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