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After much research, and even more searching, I finally got ahold of the accurate model tank kit used on the Slime Blower. The modern replacement is very similar, but the original version from the 1960's is what would have been available at the time the original props were made, and that's what this set of resin parts is cast from!

Includes a full set of all of the tank parts needed to complete the project boxes, with little to no cleanup required. Parts will be cast in a deep green, to match the original color and avoid needing paint.

Accuracy note - The tank treads included in this kit are not 100% accurate. The treads on the screen used prop are a slightly different size, with a slightly different shape. The search continues for the correct tread, and in the meantime this resin set will include a correct length piece of tread, but an incorrect number of segments within that length.

Slime Blower Project Box Greeblies Kit

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