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The most durable Slime Blower tanks ever!

These are built to exact measurements from the screen used blowers, and are TIG welded for maximum strength. The top of each tank is drilled and tapped #10-32 for the flood lamp mounting screws (included), which are exact matches to the screws on the original props.

A few coats of filler primer around the ground down weld lines will smooth out any minor imperfections in the surface of the tanks, and after that I recommend using Rustoleum's Gloss 'Fern' to closely match the color of the originals.

What's included?
- 4" x 20" Aluminum Tank
- 5" x 16.5" Aluminum Tank
- 2x #10-32 Mounting Screws (for Flood Lamps)

While I'm confident the tanks are built well enough to handle it, please don't pressurize them with anything.

Slime Blower Side Tanks

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